let me bring you up to speed i am born and raised in Kansas me and alex ( my boyfriend) decided to expand our life and get our own place, in Arkansas. that is right i moved 582 miles away from my home and family , quit my job and started to go home and pack (no one believed we where going to move. since my sister had been wanting to for a while she is two years older then me ) i went and saw all my friends and family and told them i was being serious. two days after thanksgiving we loaded everything into u-haul and spent about $850 in moving cost’s i recorded everything. the video is on my channel and here is the applicable link to it !

so now i live in arkansas and that has helped alot with my life style there is quite a few bad habits i had in Kansas one of them was being on technology to much and trust and believe i have never been in-touch with nature so closely.

one thing i instantly missed was the big open sky

But i most definitely was very happy to see the new scenes (pictures twords the bottom) it was crazy the first month i we got here i kept telling myself that it wasn’t real it was all some sort of hallucination there was no way that we just picked up and moved in less then two weeks! it was amazing to come down here and see all of alex’s family since we didn’t have a home yet or anywhere to stay we bunked up with his brother in his house.

My Side

so moving away from your family period is tough but this is the first time i had been away from them Like EVER i have always been within a 20 mile radius from any given family member , so being away from them was really hard especially that the holidays where just around the corner. the person i missed the most was my mom and my sister, i had talked to my mom quite a few times but not for very long we don’t get good service where we are at ( its basically in the middle of a wooded area out of town) so i started to feel a little depressed and down.

i looked at pictures of us before we had left that didnt help i called them still was not helping the emotions, until one day my two soon to be nieces came up to me and wanted to make some decorations for Christmas, they suggested i make some for my mom and sister and send them off.

i though that was so extra sweet that they would help me do that! so i did and took the opportunity And made them little presents.

What helped the most is that I remembers that my grandma always followed this sugar cookie recipe that was super easy and really yummy ! [I will be posting that come cooler times ] that helped the most and just seeing that people welcomed me I to there home to celebrate the holidays with them made me feel super welcome .


now i had quit my job three week prior to moving to help pack and get things ready not only that but it was having a negative impact on my life, they treated me very poorly. so i had not had income for a while , but i had refrained from buying anything for the most part besides the essentials like food.

i was worried i was not going to be able to find a job in time for Christmas and getting a steady income to save up for a place of our own, within a week i had employment, at a chain retail store i worked there till the beginning of july , i got fired for eating to much and i paid for all the food i ate. i dont want to talk about it ,its still a tough situation for me. but as of now i am writing this post i am just now getting a job again.


i have had a blog for as long as i can remember, i love sharing what i love to do and know with others i guess i just got a little big headed and thought i was too good for a normal site and well if you read above you know how that went I Truly want to thank each and every one of you for sticking around and still being apart of my journey and im sorry if i got annoying to any of you!

so with that said i will be writing back on my real blog aka here and i have alot of super cool recipes to share! I hope to see you there!

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