hello all! my name is heather and welcome to my world!
i have been gone for a while but i have been doing a lot of contemplating and planning
i am alot of different things a photographer, makeup review, and a chef i also love to show off my work that i do
my website had been taken down about six times and now im in all the way

let me tell you a little more about myself
i am 21 years young and just recently bought our own house that needs alot of work the people that lived prior destroyed the house ripped out all the insulation wiring and everything.

i took collage courses two years ago with my scholarships and got a certificate and graduated that’s what i love to do is to go out with a camera and take beautiful photos (click here to see my gallery) ive been passionate about photography since i was small my grandma gave me a camera and told me to have at it (as a joke) fell in love since then and haven’t stopped i continue to pursue my passion in high school started with classic photography in a dark room blind folded and processed to develop the photos in trays of solution worked my way up to using a computer to edit and analyses the photos.

my makeup love has come from a very different place then a lot of to other people i believe in natural beauty and when i paint my face im bringing out my inner self and i have creative flows and ideas puts me in a whole separate mood its a little difficult to put into words but makeup and photography is my happy place when im having a bad day and get home from work i clean my beauty room and sit down with my star mirror and play with makeup ( i know i sound five) but it brings me joy to learn and play with makeup

cooking is also one of my many hobbies from naan and fritters to basic breakfast burritos i love food it brings people together and just like makeup and photography there is so many different types and cultures and styles along with perspectives.
alot more will come with the cooking side as i progress.

More will come as I progress Cant wait to See you All then !