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Hello there ! 

My name is heather and I am twenty years of age.

i have been running my own small business since 2015. 

I had a idea to create my own website on the World Wide Web to show the world what I can do ! 

I hope you join me today on my journey ! 

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 Grace-------- You are Very good At what you Do!'

Jack----Wow You bring Amazing Content Love it!

Sarah---You Really Are "The Frame Queen!" 

Lilly ——  “your captivating with your work”

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About me!

hello! My name is heather and I Ann a photographer, serving you a different outlook on interesting topics food photography or art in general I take a different outlook on interesting hot topics. 

I write interesting blogs on Tuesdays and Saturdays

I make podcasts on Fridays! Listen here


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My message 

Hello my name is heather  its nice to meet you! 

thanks for taking the time to read this. i am passionate about making people happy with my work. weather its my podcast or my photography. 

i was raised in Kansas and grew up with a lot of support. 

 i have been through a lot in my life and i just want people to see my raw passion. 

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Whats The Frame Queen?

Small Business


I consider myself a writer a photographer and a chef I have taken 5 years of photography classes a year of writing and learned to cook from  my mother and my grandmother and I have always loved the Art of Photography I even have some artwork

how did I come up with the name theframequeen you ask?

 well I was inspired to create a unique name for my brand and I got inspiration from the Queen of England and frames of portraits dust theframequeen was born and it's stuck ever since

 be sure to check out my artwork

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